5 Wedding Day Tips for the Groom

October 28, 2019

When it comes to planning the big day, you can google the word “wedding” and come up with numerous websites that act as your digital wedding planner. From TheKnot to Minted and many others, there’s no shortage of lists you can find to make sure your wedding planning is complete. But what about when it comes to the inside scoop from the groom’s perspective? Here are 5 tips to get the guys started.

 1. Be Involved


5 Wedding Day Tips for the Groom | Man planning wedding

Unless your fiancé has literally said she wants you to have nothing to do with the wedding planning process, take an interest in planning one of the biggest days of your life. Is music really your thing and you want to pick out the perfect DJ to cut a rug? Or is food more your speed and you want to taste every filet mignon from NYC to LA? Choose things about the wedding day that you’re passionate about and be a part of helping to plan those.

2. Manage Your Men


5 Wedding Day Tips for the Groom | Group of men sitting

Whether it’s arranging their attire or making sure that one particular groomsman who likes to party a little too hard doesn’t hit on your fiancé’s married sister the entire night, make sure your guys are in check. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be preoccupied on your wedding day with what your side of the bridal party is doing, but it does mean you count on one of your more reliable groomsmen to take the reins. If you don’t have a groomsman who can handle this responsibility, you might need to rethink your list of guys.

3. Be a Buffer


5 Wedding Day Tips for the Groom | Man standing next to girlfriend and her friend

Planning a wedding can come with many opinions that aren’t from the mouths of the actual couple getting married. These opinions can come from family members, friends, coworkers, the person filling up their car next to you at the gas station; everyone seems to know so much about what you should want for your wedding day. Do your fiancé a solid and get in between these opinionators and your soon-to-be-partner to diffuse the situation. And if the voices are coming from your family and friends, nicely put a pin in that, quickly.

4. Embrace “Me Time”


5 Wedding Day Tips for the Groom | Man running

On the day of your wedding, take some time to yourself. Whether that means you get a workout in, go to a quiet area to write down your vows, say a couple of prayers, or do some meditating, it’s good to have some time to yourself. Time alone allows you the self-reflection and mental preparation you need for the rush that’s soon to hit in the day ahead. When people say their wedding day goes by in a flash, they aren’t kidding.

5. Be Romantic


5 Wedding Day Tips for the Groom | Boyfriend with flower plans romantic breakfast

There’s nothing better than being that thoughtful guy who sends his fiancé a memorable little something on the wedding morning. This token of affection doesn’t have to be some big gift, it can be something as simple as a classic love note or a small bouquet of flowers. Who said chivalry was dead?

Your wedding day should be filled with special moments, forever memories, and mental pictures to last a lifetime. Get your planning done before the wedding day so you can sit back, relax, and cheers to your new title of husband.

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