A Guide For Choosing Wedding Party Gifts

November 22, 2019

Each wedding is uniquely different. The gifts that are perfect for someone else’s wedding party may not be appropriate for yours. It can be daunting trying to decide what to gift your attendants with. This guide will help you choose the ideal gifts for your wedding party.

Wedding Themed Gifts


Choosing Wedding Party Gifts | Yvory delicate flip flops Courtesy by Adriana dos Santos

It is always a safe bet to make sure your gifts align with the theme you choose. While wedding party gifts should be personal to the recipients, having no connection to the wedding’s theme will make the gift less meaningful. 

An elegant ceremony calls for good wedding party gifts. This should be something fitting to the seriousness of the occasion, such as a grooming kit for each member of the party. A more casual ceremony like a beach themed wedding allows you to choose more affordable wedding party gifts. They can be something as simple but useful as comfortable, high quality flip flops.

Relationship Scrapbook


Your wedding party should be emotionally invested in the happy couple. This makes a relationship scrapbook a gift that will carry sentimental value no other gift could quite meet. Aside from the fact that it’s the ideal choice if you enjoy DIY crafts, it’s a fun project. All you have to do is collect photos chronicling your relationship and compile them into a collection. This is definitely a gift to give your party before the big day. You won’t want to haul them around on your wedding day and neither will your attendants. 

Tickets For Experiences


To truly thank your wedding party, consider gifting them with tickets for some type of experience. Whether it is for something as simple as a concert or as death defying as skydiving, help your wedding party have an experience they will never forget.

Unless you have a significant budget, this gift idea is best for smaller wedding parties. If everyone can agree on a common activity, this can be one of the most memorable wedding party gifts you can give them. Years after your wedding, physical items will likely be less cherished than fun had, and memories made.

Pre-Wedding Attire


If straying from home isn’t in your wedding party gift budget, consider gifting your female attendants with a comfy outfit for before the festivities. No one wants to wear nice clothes while having their hair and make-up done. And your attendants will feel more in tuned with each other if everyone gets, say, matching robes, or a simple outfit that will keep them comfortable until it is time to change into ceremony attire. 

Wrapping It All Up

 The most important thing about your wedding party gifts is that they are appreciated and enjoyed. Only you can decide what the most appropriate gifts are to give. The more your wedding party means to you the easier it will be to determine exactly how you want to thank them for taking part in your big day.

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