Bachelorette Parties on a Budget

February 04, 2020

Everything surrounding the planning of a wedding is time consuming and expensive. While you can’t do much about one, you can about the other. There are creative ways to throw a bachelorette party on a budget.

Make it a Scavenger Hunt

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While scavenger hunts are typically associated with kids, there is no reason why they need to be. One way to manage a bachelorette party without going to broke is to make it an adult scavenger hunt. This works the best in big cities, but you can tailor it for wherever it is convenient to be.

Split the entire bridal party into two teams. Both teams race to be the first ones at the finish line. Plant photo and video clues around your city so that you can capture the memories of the bachelorette party to share with the bride on her social media.

Choose An Affordable Theme


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If running around the city isn’t an appealing thought, consider planning a party with a theme that you can easily stick to without breaking the bank. For example, a French themed party is a great excuse to break out the fondue pot. Paired with wine and cheese, with some appropriate decor thrown in, and you have a charming bachelorette party you can afford to throw.

Depending on the age of the bride you can make the theme of the party decade specific. Whether it be the 70’s 80’s 90’s or an older decade, it makes planning a breeze and lets the bride reflect on her past before embarking on her future.

Schedule A Sleepover


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Another way to have a blast from the past is to have a bachelorette slumber party. All you need are some cheap snacks and a list of movies everyone can watch together. The next morning everyone can get in on making breakfast for the group. Throw in some Mimosas and/or Bloody Marys and you will have a sleepover fit for any stressed-out bride-to-be. Add in some bachelorette party games and it will be a night the bride will always look back fondly on.

Have A Movie Night


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If movies are a go, but a sleepover isn’t, you can still have your cake and eat it too. Organizing a movie night can be just as fun and less inconvenient. For a fee you can rent not only the screen but also the projector. Combine this with some take-out food of the bride’s choice, and you have a bachelorette party everyone can enjoy. To up the ante, consider renting some fun luxuries such as a popcorn machine and even a personal bartender for the night.

Escape to The Spa


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You can have a spa weekend/bachelorette party without going broke if you do it at home. Buying bulk items that you can use makes it affordable and just as relaxing as going to an actual spa. Armed with hair and skin supplies, face masks, nail polish and more you can pamper the bride and each other before the big day comes along.

If this sounds like too much work, it is not as expensive to book a spa day if everyone attending the party contributes what they can monetarily. When you can gather the funds, you can purchase packages that include massages, facials, mud baths, a makeover, and more.

Have a Picnic Lunch


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Another cheap way to throw a great bachelorette party is to spring for a picnic lunch in the park. Load your picnic basket with wine, cheese and fancy breads. If the location you choose for your picnic doesn’t allow alcohol, consider replacing it with a bottle of sparkling cider. Add some fun outdoor games to the mix and you can enjoy a bachelorette party that doesn’t cost more than you can afford.

Tour A Brewery/ Winery


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Most states have a winery and/or a brewery. Booking a tour of one or the other can be more affordable than other bachelorette party options. You can either designate a safe driver for the group or look into using public transportation. A brewery or winery tour also gives you a great excuse to choose a beer growler or a bottle of wine as the party favors.

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