Coping with Anxiety After Getting Engaged

April 01, 2020

Being engaged is supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life. But what if you are experiencing so many anxiety symptoms you can’t even relax and enjoy it? You wouldn’t be the only one. After the feeling of being on cloud nine starts to fade a little bit, you begin to think about everything that’s coming up. While this can be invigorating for some people, it can be intimidating for others. The good news is that there are healthy ways to cope with an anxiety attack after getting engaged.

Listen to Your Head, Not Your Heart

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In your heart, you may be afraid to let on to your partner that you are experiencing anxiety as a result of your engagement but in your head, you should know that your partner wants to help you through the anxiety. Yet they can’t do this unless you admit to them that you are struggling with it. When your partner knows about the anxiety, he or she can give you the support you need in order to beat it.

Take Time For Yourself


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Your engagement is a time for you to be happy and healthy. This is a lot easier to accomplish when you take the time to administer some self-care. Making sure you eat a balanced diet and get enough sleep is crucial to managing any anxiety you may be feeling. Even a hot bath and a glass of wine can help take the edge off your anxiety. Don’t get so caught up in wedding planning that you neglect to keep yourself in good shape physically and mentally.



Man and woman doing yogaThere is a lot to be said for meditation as a way of coping with anxiety attack symptoms. If you are feeling overstimulated and you don’t already meditate, now is the time to start. With proof that this can lower your stress levels, and help curb your anxiety, you have nothing to lose by trying it. Even if you can only squeeze in a few minutes per day, meditation is one of the best things you can do for yourself if anxiety is rearing its ugly head. 

See A Therapist 


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Even if you have never had to before, take the time to see a therapist if engagement anxiety is knocking you down. In most cases, the anxiety is just nerves about getting married. Yet a therapist can help you determine if your anxiety about your engagement indicates something more serious.

If this turns out to be the problem, your therapist might suggest couples counseling. The last thing you want to do is walk down the aisle with doubts in your head. Conceding to getting counseling with your partner is your best chance at resolving any lingering issues before they have a chance to cause tension in the relationship after you exchange your vows.

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