How COVID-19 Is Changing the Engagement Period

May 20, 2020

It is safe to say that with the COVID-19 crisis, lots of engaged couples are finding their worlds turned upside down. Suddenly things that were socially acceptable before simply are not allowed right now. So, what does that mean for you and your partner throughout your engagement? It means it is time to think outside the box.

What To Do And Not Do


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You may find yourself scrapping the plans you had for your engagement. But before you cancel anything, think about reworking it. Even though nothing is normal right now, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything you were expecting to do.

If you haven’t already had them done yet, chances are you will still want engagement photos taken. The best way to do this in today’s world is to hire a photographer and agree on an outdoor meeting place for the shoot. As long as they don’t bring a large crew and you keep your distances from each other it will be safe to do this.

The best thing NOT to do in light of the current state of the world is to throw all your engagement plans away. Sometimes having to change things up at the last minute can actually be a blessing in disguise.

Virtual Bridal Shower


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Every bride deserves to have a shower. But right now, it isn’t possible to have a traditional one. There is no reason to let that stop you though. Like so many other things these days, bridal showers have temporarily become virtual.

Don’t let this bum you out. You can still capture the spirit of the occasion with a few simple tweaks. The most important thing is that everyone feels connected even though you aren’t physically together.

Consider finding a theme appropriate backdrop and make sure everyone attending the virtual bridal shower uses it. Another idea is to have everyone drink the same glass of wine, beer, or cocktail. It’s the little details like this that will make the whole thing feel more meaningful.

You can even still have bridal shower games. One fun idea is to play your own version of “Name That Tune.” Based on the occasion, it is best to choose ballads for this game. Whoever is hosting the shower is responsible for playing small clips from songs and having everyone guess the name of it. Your best bet for prizes for the winners these days is probably an online gift card.

When it comes to handling gifts, shower guests should order them and have them delivered to the bride’s house so she can still open them in front of everyone.

Virtual Weddings


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Many couples choose a wedding date that has personal meaning. If you find yourselves in this position right now, you may want to consider having a virtual wedding. However, the first thing to do is find out if it is legal in your state.

If it is, you need to choose a streaming platform to broadcast your wedding on. A quick Internet search will help you choose one. Though you may have to pay for a subscription to do so, it will be a small price to pay for still getting married on time. For a way to broadcast your wedding without paying for it, there is always Facebook Live, which allows you to record video in real time. Guests you are Facebook friends with will be able to see it.

Services like Zoom give you the option of using a speaker or gallery view for your ceremony. While the speaker view only allows your guests to see you, the gallery view enables you to seem them too. To capture your non-traditional wedding photos, have one of your guests responsible for taking screenshots.

Keep in mind that in order to enable a virtual wedding, you will need to use your phone, laptop, or tablet for the broadcast. For peace of mind, test your equipment before your big day to make sure you can pull it off.


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