How to Choose Meaningful Wedding Gifts

November 22, 2019

Marrying your best friend is a gift in itself. However, it’s always nice to give something thoughtful to the person you’re preparing to spend the rest of your life with. If you are struggling with what to get him (or her), this how-to guide will help you choose something meaningful.

Step One: Decide on Traditional, Unconventional, Romantic, or Sexy


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Your wedding gift to your spouse can be traditional, unconventional, romantic or sexy. It’s up to you to figure out which choice is the best. If you are marrying someone conservative or old-fashioned, traditional may be your best bet. Traditional gifts include classics such as engraved watches and personalized handkerchiefs. 

If the idea of a traditional gift seems boring and unoriginal, and your spouse is open to it, unconventional gifts aren’t a bad choice. These days, almost anything not considered traditional may be seen as unconventional, and unconventional gifts can still be meaningful too. This might be something physical, or something that affords your spouse an unforgettable experience, like an opportunity to go scuba diving. As long as the gift helps connect you two to each other or to an activity you have either always liked or always wanted to try, you can’t go wrong with it. 

For the romantic at heart, the perfect wedding gift could be something as simple but meaningful as a handwritten love letter. Or it could be something as elaborate as writing an original song and performing it at your wedding. These romantic gestures often mean more than any other type of gift. 

Last but certainly not least, a sexy wedding present may be just what your lover has always wanted. While this is something you will want to give them in private, you should still make it as thoughtful as a gift you would present in front of othears. 

One idea is to fill your honeymoon suite with rose petals (or any other flower that has meaning to you,) and turn it into a romantic oasis. You may need the assistance of hotel staff to make this wedding gift possible. The anticipation of knowing what you will be surprising your lover with on your wedding night will only add to the energy and excitement of the day. You can bask in the glow of what you know is coming for them and they will have a feeling of delighted suspense all day long if you hint at what is to come. 

Step Two: Put Your Plan into Action


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Depending on the gift you decide to give your new spouse, you may need help from family and friends, including your wedding party. Meet with them in secret so that you can plan and execute your idea as smoothly as possible. The best of intentions does you no good if you can’t successfully deliver. Yet, done properly, you can present your new spouse with the most meaningful gift possible.  

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