How To Choose The Right Wedding Ring

November 22, 2019

There is so much involved in preparing for a wedding. But one of the most important tasks is selecting just the right wedding ring. This is not a decision to be made lightly, as you will want something that you will enjoy wearing for the rest of your life. By following this how-to guide, you will be able to navigate the process of choosing a ring in the best way possible.

Step One: Choosing Your Preferred Metal Type


How To Choose The Right Wedding Ring | Gold Wedding Ring

Before you even begin shopping for a wedding ring, it makes sense to settle on the type of metal you want it to be. This may be an easy choice if you are allergic to a certain metal. Otherwise, you should explore all the possible options before choosing one. Until you know the type of metal you want, you can’t begin to narrow down your choices.  

Types of Metal:

  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Platinum  

    If you tend to prefer traditional choices, a yellow gold wedding ring is ideal. It’s best to avoid getting one in 22-carat gold though, as the softness of the gold does not hold up over the course of a lifetime. Your better options are anywhere from 9 to 14 carats. The metals used in this weight range are strong enough to last for the duration of your marriage. 

    However, if your engagement ring is platinum, it pairs best with a white gold wedding ring. The enhanced appearance of white gold wedding rings is due to the addition of the rhodium covering its surface. Though rhodium tends to wear off after years, you can have it reapplied. This means your wedding ring will always look brand new.  

    While these are more traditional choices, the modern bride in you may very well prefer a platinum wedding ring. The strength of platinum, like yellow gold, helps your ring stay in mint condition for longer. Sticking to a strict budget? You can substitute palladium for the platinum, either way, your ring will be something you can always be proud of. 

    Step Two: Diamond or No Diamond?


    How To Choose The Right Wedding Ring | diamond stone

    Once you have chosen your wedding ring it is time to decide if you want to have diamonds embedded in it. While this is something most brides are accustomed to, your groom can get in on the fun as well. Today’s couples are choosing to have diamonds in both of their wedding rings.

    Whether one of your or both of you wants a diamond in your ring, you have to choose the cut you’d like the best. The most popular choices are princess and brilliant-cut. But today, couples are instead choosing diamonds that are pear, marquise, and emerald-cut. Only you and your spouse-to-be can decide which are the ideal choices for you.

    Step Three: Flaunt It


    How To Choose The Right Wedding Ring | couple showing off ringBe proud of the rings you place on each other’s fingers. They symbolize your lifetime commitment to each other. No matter what you choose, flaunt it. 


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