How to Choose Wedding Gifts for Your Parents

November 22, 2019

Traditionally, the bride’s parents pay for the wedding. However, so much about today’s word just isn’t traditional anymore. Sometimes the parents of the bride and groom split the cost. Other times, couples pay for their own wedding themselves.

Whatever the circumstances are surrounding your wedding, it’s always a kind gesture to present both sets of parents with a gift. Their presumed love and support for your wedding and the marriage that follows it should warrant a gift.

Now comes the part where you scratch your head wondering what to get them. By the time you are done reading this, we hope that you are inspired enough to get them exactly what they deserve

Step One: Reflect on Who They Are


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Your parents are people that you know better than most others. To choose the ideal wedding gift for them, think long and hard about what they value. If your gift to them reflects that, it will show that you value them. Taking the time to choose a gift that really speaks to them is always preferable as opposed to gifting them with something generic and no personal meaning. 

Step Two: Narrow Down Your Choices According to Preference


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Some peoples’ parents are homebodies while others are more adventurous. These are the types of factors that you should take into consideration when choosing your parents gifts. Remember, a gift doesn’t have to be something that you can wrap. It can be something like tickets to an event or a certificate for a couple’s spa session.

Step Three: Remind Them of Your Wedding Day


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Chances are that your parents have been waiting your whole life for you to get married. In some ways, the day is as big of a deal to them as it is to you. Something that will remind them of your wedding day long after it is over is a gift that is full of meaning.

This can be anything creative and meaningful. You could choose to put together a slide-show presentation featuring wedding highlights, especially if your parents play a part in making the wedding happen. 

Some parents prefer simple gifts. If this sounds like your parents, you could present them with a keepsake such as engraved goblets. The smallest gestures are often the ones that people appreciate the most. A gift can be thoughtful and show your thanks without being over the top. 

Step Four: Determine When and How To Present The Gift


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Depending on what you gift your parents, you need to determine when and how to present it to them. This has to be something you take into consideration when choosing what to get them. If it is something deeply personal, you may choose to give it to them in private. Otherwise, it can be a nice gesture to present the gifts to your parents sometime during the reception. By doing so, you will create a moment they will never forget. 

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