How To Communicate With Wedding Vendors Due To COVID-19

June 10, 2020

One of the biggest parts of wedding planning is retaining your vendors. But in a world of COVID-19 this is easier said than done. Chances are good that if you had a wedding scheduled in 2020, you have made the decision to postpone it to a later date. Yet this can become a problem for your vendors. Especially when so many couples are in the same boat right now.

Effectively communicating with your wedding vendors is the key to navigating this crisis in terms of the plans for your nuptials. They are likely more stressed out than you are by these unavoidable changes. But there are ways you can keep the lines of communication alive. Asking some important questions will help you figure out your future wedding plans.

How Can I Reschedule My Wedding Photography Services?


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Wedding photographers, like any other vendor, book months in advance which makes rescheduling a challenging task. You will want to clarify with your photographer if or how their policies have changed in light of COVID-19. If you have paid them a retainer, you may be able to get them to apply it to your new wedding date.

This is where it can get tricky. With the number of couples rescheduling their big day you may be hard pressed to get the more desired days of the week. While most couples still want their wedding on a Friday night or Saturday, consider having yours on a Sunday or even a weekday. You might find that your photographer will have more flexibility in accommodating you if you do.

It is not just the day of the week that makes a difference either. the time of the year also does. Most couples do not want to get married in November or December. So if you pick a date in those months you may have no problem keeping the wedding photographer you had chosen.

Should We Change Our Catering Order?


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It is equally important to communicate with your caterer. While most will work with you on a rescheduled date, they may advise that you change the main course being served. If you chose seasonal dishes for say, a summer wedding, and now your wedding will be in the winter or next spring, you will likely want to alter the menu accordingly. Especially if you were planning on using seasonal ingredients that may not be available on your new wedding date.

Will My Bouquets Have To Be Different?


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You may have similar concerns for your florist. They tend to order different types of flowers from all over the world. But with a limit on imports and exports, your florist may not be able to get what you originally requested. Chances are that if this is the case, your florist can help you choose different flowers instead.

The question of when your rescheduled wedding will be makes all the difference. If you were originally going to have a winter wedding and are postponing it until next summer, your flower choices may have to be different. This especially applies if you are having an outdoor wedding.

Creating A Checklist


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It helps to create a checklist of the questions you need to ask each of your vendors. While phone communication may be your preferred choice, consider having your questions asked and answered through email instead. This way you and all your vendors have a written record of what you have discussed. In such an uncertain time, this is crucial to your ability to re-plan your wedding effectively.

Practice Patience And Understanding


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When communicating with your vendors to change plans, patience and understanding go a long way. No one knows what to expect as a result of COVID-19. Wedding vendors are scrambling to avoid losing clients while also remaining profitable. So, if you are flexible with them, they will likely be flexible with you too.


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