How To Make Your Wedding Reception Fun For Everyone

May 13, 2020

The ceremony is over and the vows have been exchanged. For many of your guests, the reception will be just as exciting, or more exciting, than the ceremony itself. Others may be skeptical, and this is where you come in. When planning your wedding reception, it’s only right to make it as fun for them as it is for you. Fun wedding receptions will help you make lasting memories.

DIY Food Stations


Fruits and juice on a wooden table

Nothing brings people together like food. So to make your wedding reception more fun, include at least one food station where your guests can customize dessert, tacos or whatever else you choose. The ability for your guests to pick what they want encourages interaction that many not occur otherwise.

There are so many options you have with DIY food stations. Depending on what’s going to appeal to your guests, you could have a sushi rolling station, or a make-your-own fajitas station. This is one part of the wedding reception where you can get extremely creative.

Try To Avoid Typical Wedding Favors


Strawberry smoothie wedding dessert

Some wedding favors are just too commonplace to inject that extra dose of fun into your reception. Think outside the box if you really want to entertain your guests. The more unique the favors are, the more fun everyone will have with them.

One fun idea, especially if your guests are the intellectual types, magnets made of Scrabble pieces can be a fun and unique favor. Not only can you customize magnets for each of your guests, they can always use them to display pictures from your wedding. To make it even easier for them to, consider gifting each guest a disposable camera.

Another fun idea is to give your guests the gift of music. When you are choosing a playlist for your reception, it’s considerate to include music that will appeal to them. This makes creating a mix CD a great way to leave your guests will lasting memories of your wedding reception. Favors like this that have personal meaning are always a better chance than ordinary favors are.

If you are getting married during the holiday season, consider gifting your guests wedding themed cookie cutters. This could include hearts, a mustache, a pair of lips, a dove, and so many more wedding related shapes. Your guests will be able to create some fun holiday cookies while keeping the memories of your big day alive.

 Set Up A Lounge 


group of people chatting while sitting on a sofa

When the only place guests have to sit is at the round dining tables, it can get boring. Ideally, try to set up a comfortable lounge area. While dancing is a great wedding reception activity, not everyone is comfortable with it or even able to do it.

The only catch is that your venue may not allow you to do this, however if they do allow such, you can look into renting chairs and sofas that match your wedding colors. Put them somewhat near the dance floor and everyone can be in the mix without necessarily having to be in the spotlight. Guests that want to mingle will have a place to do it, and guests who want to dance will have their own space.

Depending on the layout of your venue, try to designate specific places for specific activities. Even guests who do want to hit the dance floor don’t want to be there all night. Wedding receptions are always more fun when you can easily move between activities. One space can be for the bar, one can be for taking a break from dancing, and one could be a coffee and small bites station. Combine this with some outdoor seating too and you won’t have to worry about your guests becoming bored.

Dance Like Everyone’s Watching


Wedding reception couples dancing

Your first dance should be a special moment between you and your new spouse. But you are doing your guests a favor if the dance is just as entertaining to them. As long as you are both comfortable performing it in front of a crowd of loved ones you can’t go wrong. Whether you want something iconic, like the famous Dirty Dancing routine, or something more traditional, you will put on a show your guests won’t forget.

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