How To Plan A Marriage Proposal

December 03, 2019

She’s in love, you’re in love and you’re both ready to take the next step in your relationship. When it gets to this point, it is time to plan that all-important marriage proposal. Adding certain elements to it will help set a scene she will never forget.

Think Romance


Man proposign to girlfriend by the river

First things first, the setting you choose must be romantic or you are wasting your time and hers. Yet it shouldn’t just be romantic for the sake of being romantic.

Proposing in a place you have a personal connection to as a couple will make it that much more memorable for both of you. This can be the site of your first date, where you were the first time you kissed, or even that place where you first knew you loved each other. These are the things that will matter when you are celebrating your golden years together.

 Woo Her With A Bouquet Of Flowers


Bouquet of Flowers

Have a bouquet of her favorite flowers on hand when you propose. You can further personalize the bouquet by choosing several flowers where the number has meaning. For example, if you’ve been together 10 years, include 10 flowers in the bouquet. Not only does this give the proposal deeper meaning it can also mean choosing your wedding flowers is a no brainer.

Make A Statement (Or Question) Without Saying A Word


Marry Me in sand

There is so much that needs to be said when the time comes to propose. But sometimes the most powerful delivery can be done in silence. Though you will want to prepare a heartfelt speech leading up to the proposal, sometimes that pressing question can be better asked without saying a word. Lead her to where she will see those all-important words as you lovingly explain to her exactly why you are popping the question.

Incorporate A Pet Or Favorite Animal


black labrador dog with a weeding ring on his head

Few people can resist saying no to a pet. Enlisting yours or your partner’s pet (or favorite animal) can help you pull off the perfect proposal. This is best done if you are proposing at home, but if the pet is well behaved, you may be able to pull this off in public. If so, consider the venue you take them to, as some don’t allow pets. This is something worth checking on before you plan it prematurely.

Concert Proposal


Red bearded man making a marriage proposal to girlfriend

Another idea is to arrange to propose at a concert. This is only a good idea if she is comfortable in front of large crowds. But if she is, this kind of proposal will likely catch her off guard. Take advantage of a break between songs to pop the question. If you can’t prearrange to appear on the stage for your proposal, doing it in your seat can be just as meaningful.

Take A Vacation


Young couple have romantic evening on sea beach

Getting away from the daily grind is something most people need. Taking a vacation in order to propose ensures she won’t be distracted by everyday occurrences. It also lets you propose in a completely new environment. She’ll likely be more relaxed on a vacation and that might make the whole experience even more meaningful.

Have A Personalized Puzzle created


Will you marry me sign made out of alphabet puzzle pieces

If she loves puzzles, surprise her with a custom made one. All you have to do is sit with her while she puts it together. When she places the final piece of the puzzle you can present her with the ring. This is a great way to catch her off guard without having to disrupt your daily life.

Get A Caricature


Caricature artist drawing

The couple that gets a caricature together stays together. Posing for one means you must sit next to each other while the artist creates their masterpiece. Make sure she doesn’t see it until it is finished. When she does see it, she will get the surprise of her life.

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