Reasons to Postpone Your Honeymoon

February 12, 2020

Tradition dictates that you embark on your honeymoon shortly after your wedding. Yet these days, many couples choose to postpone their honeymoon for a variety of reasons. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this, and in fact, your honeymoon might be even better if you do postpone it for a while.

Enjoying Your Guest’s Company


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In today’s world it can be difficult to get everyone you love together at the same time. When you postpone your honeymoon, you get to spend extra time with the people who took the time to be with you on your big day. This is often the last chance you will have to spend quality time with friends and family before life as a married couple becomes hectic. Even if you leave for your honeymoon just a few days after your wedding, you give yourself the gift of someone’s company that you may not have had otherwise.

Moving Might Come First


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If you are one of those couples who didn’t live together before the wedding, it stands to reason one or both of you will be moving to a new home. Setting up the home you will spend your married life in is ultimately a better investment of your time than leaving for your honeymoon right away.

When you move in together before going on your honeymoon you will come home to peace as opposed to chaos. Since moving requires you to spend a lot of money and energy, it is another reason why postponing your honeymoon may make it even better than it would have been otherwise.

Weddings Are Tiring 


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Aside from being the most exciting day of your life, your wedding can also be the most draining in a physical sense. Especially if pre-wedding jitters interfered with your sleep in the nights leading up to the wedding, by the time it is all said and done, you will be exhausted.

Having a period of rest between your wedding and the first day of your honeymoon, even if it is only a matter of days, may mean the difference between one that is relaxed and one that you enter while already feeling frazzled. Your honeymoon should be a chance to relax and share your first experiences as a married couple. But it’s hard to enjoy anything if you are fatigued from the wedding.

Work May Be Calling


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Unless you are lucky enough to work for yourself you might need to postpone your honeymoon if one or both of you can’t take the time off. It can also be difficult getting your days off at the same time, depending on what you both do for a living and the time of year you are getting married.

Rather than taking unpaid time off which could hurt you after the honeymoon, it is often a better decision to get away when doing so won’t take a bite out of your paycheck.

This is especially true if you have plans to visit a different county for your honeymoon. Not only do you need the time off to cover the length of it, you will almost certainly need to give yourself a day or two to rest at home before you go back to work.

Funds May Be Too Low


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Modern couples often pay for their own wedding. This can mean having to postpone the honeymoon until you can earn back the money your wedding day cost you. While some couples choose an extra-long engagement so they can have the wedding and honeymoon in succession, others choose a normal length engagement but a delayed honeymoon. As long as you can keep the honeymoon phase going, delaying the trip can be a good thing.

Postponing your plans gives you time to orchestrate a getaway you will be able to enjoy. It is not the time to sell yourself short and miss out on opportunities you could have had if you waited until you could afford them. The quality of your honeymoon experience should match the level of commitment you have to each other. When you schedule a significant amount of time between wedding and honeymoon, you put yourself in a position to make your honeymoon worthwhile. Many honeymooners have found that it is worth the wait.

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