The Benefits of Being Quarantined Together While Engaged

June 17, 2020

The self-quarantine period imposed by the spread of COVID-19 is having a profound effect on many engaged couples. Since most live together, they are suddenly thrust into a situation where they have little to no control over social activities. But for many couples, this has had a positive impact on their relationships. There are a few noted benefits of engaged couples being quarantined together.

More Quality Time Together

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Couples are now being tested in a way they probably never expected to be. Since marriage is a lifelong commitment to one person, couples must be able to spend a significant amount of time together without letting it hurt their relationship. Being quarantined is a perfect way to find out if you can handle each other, even when unusual circumstances cause stress.

Stress Becomes Easier To Manage

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When your partner is always with you, you always have someone to lean on. The constant presence of the person you love can be therapeutic during stressful times. A simple hug or kiss can melt away any stress you might be struggling to get rid of otherwise. This is important when times are tough.

Couples Are Discovering New Common Ground

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Most couples are reporting that the quarantine has inspired them to find even more things they have in common and can enjoy together. With extra time for leisure activities, it is the perfect time to find a new hobby. Binge watching Netflix isn’t enough anymore. Couples are looking for more creative ways to spend their time.

It isn’t just about entertainment though. Being quarantined is awakening everyone’s intellectual prowess. Deep, meaningful conversations on serious subjects is becoming more common under the current circumstances.

Cooking together is also becoming more common right now. Couples are using this activity as a way to spend time together doing something positive. And at the same time, cooking with your partner is a great way to prepare for a future together. Eating together most nights during your marriage means that you will always have that time during the day to connect, no matter how busy life gets.

Improved Health And Financial Habits

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For many, the stories of heartache and sorrow over the death of a loved one is dominating news broadcasts and even social media. Many couples have responded by taking steps to live a healthier life.

Being engaged is the perfect time to take better care of yourselves and each other. No one wants to start a life with someone whose health may be in jeopardy because of bad habits. With that in mind, exercising together has become more common. Eating healthy meals is another way couples are connecting as a result of COVID-19.

Developing positive financial habits is also the goal of many couples. For many, this is necessary to pay for a wedding that has been postponed. But it is also just as much about starting married life with financial stability and a plan for the future.

Reaching Out To Help Others

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You may find yourself in a position where you already had flowers ordered for your wedding, but now there isn’t one in the near future. Why let those flowers go to waste? Instead, consider donating them to a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility. This way, you brighten up someone else’s day and you get the chance to change your mind about your wedding day flowers.

The Bottom Line On Quarantining

Quarantine can be the ultimate test of a relationship. If you enjoy being around each other even while forced to stay home, it is a sign of things to come. And if you don’t, now is the time to assess if getting married to your current partner is the right decision.


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