Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique

November 22, 2019

Let’s face it, couples get married everyday, somewhere in the world. So when you have your special day, chances are you want to make it unique; you want to make it your own. Consider taking some of these unique ceremony ideas for brides and running with them.

Create A Time Capsule


Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique  | Create A Time Capsule Courtesy of HGTV

The path you and your fiance take leading up to your wedding is a story no one else can tell. Some of the most unique weddings include the presentation of this time capsule. 

The best way to approach this idea is to assemble almost the entire time capsule prior to your wedding day. You should fill it with mementos of your relationship, such as the ticket stubs for the movie you saw on your first date. Other ideal items for your time capsule are photos taken of you throughout the relationship. You ,may even want to put an empty bottle of your favorite wine in also.

Hold a few of the most special items for the ceremony itself. This can include a copy of your vows to each other. It may include a guest favor from your wedding, or other objects that signify the importance of the day. Most couples that choose to do this will add to their time capsule before the ceremony officially begins.

Before you seal up your time capsule, it helps to agree on how long it will be before you open it again. Ideally, you will want to wait until aat least your 10-year wedding anniversary, but many couples wait longer.

Plant A Tree


Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique  | Plant A Tree Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes

To give something back to the planet and make your wedding more unique at the same time, consider planting a tree. The most unique weddings generally include something that will make an impact on the world for years to come. Planting a tree falls into this category perfectly. 

You can obtain a potted tree for your wedding day; it can be whatever kind of tree is the most meaningful to you. In front of your guests, at some point during the ceremony, take turns pouring soil into the pot. Then you take the tree home with you and plant it in your yard.

Though many couples don’t actually do this as part of their wedding, it is a tradition that has been recognized for years. It is supposed to be symbolic of you and your new spouse building roots. The tree growing is often compared to the love that will continue to grow between you.

Make Your Reception More Interactive


Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique  | DJ Playing at a wedding

The best weddings give your guests more to do than just sit there. Try to find ways that you can make your reception more interactive. This can be as simple as adding an entertainment element such as a caricature artist or tarot card reader to your reception. At any rate, an activity that brings everyone together will make your wedding that much more unique, something that you owe to yourself.

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