Wedding Favors For The Modern Bride

November 22, 2019

How many weddings have you been to where you get the same tired, boring favors, time and time again? Be honest, do you even care anymore? While the traditional wedding favors are a nice gesture today’s brides are looking to amp up their game with elegant wedding favors.

If you are planning a wedding in 2019 or beyond it is the time to brainstorm favors that haven’t been given to guests for decades upon decades. Here are some ideas that will have you inspired to think about the best wedding favors in a whole new light. 

Personalized Bottles of Wine


Wedding Favors For The Modern Bride  | Personalized wine bottles

Who doesn’t enjoy a fabulous glass of wine? And chances are, it is just what your guests will need after a long day celebrating your love and romance. If it’s in your budget, consider gifting them personalized wedding favors wine bottles. You can have labels printed up to mark your big day, and your guests will likely appreciate this delicious alternative to more traditional wedding favors.

Welcome “Swag” Bags


Wedding Favors For The Modern Bride  | Welcome “Swag” Bags

But that’s not the only unusual thing today’s modern brides give their wedding guests as a thank you. Another new, but already popular alternative is giving out welcome bags as useful wedding favors. You can fill these with whatever they will want or need the most. This is an exceptionally smart idea if anyone is visiting from out of town for your wedding. 

Friends or family who aren’t local may not realize that they’re likely to get caught in a rain storm, but if you gift them with even a compact umbrella in their welcome bag, you’ll make that rainy weather a little easier to cope with. Alternately, if you know that out-of-town wedding guests will wilt in the heat they aren’t used to, including a large bottle of water will help keep them hydrated and feeling refreshed.

Extra Eats


Wedding Favors For The Modern Bride  | Extra Eats

For another modern day idea, don’t overlook the importance of feeding your guests in lieu of gifting them with items they may or may not want. For most people, weddings connotate a long day. It is only natural that your guests will start to feel rundown towards the end of the festivities. Providing them with some quick bites instead of routine wedding favors will go a lot further in helping them enjoy your special day to the fullest. 



Wedding Favors For The Modern Bride  | Excursions

Last but not least, today’s modern brides are increasingly recognizing the importance of spending time with loved ones over material objects. That being said, consider forgoing the favors all together and instead planning a group excursion. This is the ideal solution if you are throwing a destination wedding. Your guests will appreciate the opportunity to spend quality time with you during the happiest time of your life.

At the end of the day, only you can decide how you want to thank your guests. Today’s modern alternatives to traditional wedding favors are often your best bet. 

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