Weddings and Parties in 3D? Give it a Shot

November 22, 2019

The nightmare


Losing one’s job can be a devastating experience. If you’re someone like me, who takes pride in working and was dedicated to doing so after college, falling victim to the world of unemployment when you least expect it can be earth-shattering.

On that fateful morning when I received the call from my manager, I knew something was up within minutes, and then boom, the moment I had dreaded all my life smacked me right in the face as I was let go from my job.

Moving on


Little did I know that one phone call would drastically change my life for the good and allow me the opportunity to create a unique experience for wedding and party go-ers, as I dove headfirst into the unknown world of entrepreneurship.

Have you ever had that heart-racing feeling of excitement mixed with anxiousness? You know, the one you get while watching a scary movie? Well, that was exactly where I was when I came across these cool ideas around the 3D industry on vacation. It’s not like I went on a trip looking for these things, I just came across them and found them absolutely fascinating. This was when I knew it was time to start that business I had always tucked in the back of my mind leading up to the day I got laid off.

To feed my fascination, I continued to peruse different stores around me, and to my surprise, I saw so many 3D printed images of people. These products are essentially miniature images of people. Seeing this, I couldn’t help but think that someone must really love themselves in order to get a smaller version of them created. That’s not my idea of home décor by any means, but then I started to think about the product and concept deeper.


3d figurine


How could I create a miniature you that’s functional? Now in 2019, I have to give the disclaimer that I don’t mean a robotic version of yourself that cleans your house and does your grocery shopping because that would be amazing, but I’ll leave that up to Amazon and any company with drones to figure out.

I tried to think of how these 3D images could make more sense and be an item someone would want to keep close by for everyday use, or at least something that would be practical for someone to use every so often. We all know the things we either receive from others or buy ourselves that have great promise to be used at the time, but the only purpose they end up serving is as a dust collector. 

So what’s functional, dresses up a wedding or party nicely, and will be something you look forward to using more often than not? A shot of tequila perhaps? Make sense? Not Yet? Don’t worry, it will with time.

If you want to be one of the first to hear once this product launches, subscribe below and you’ll be in our exclusive launch group. I can’t wait to share what’s in store for your next wedding or party experience!


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